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Fresnel luminaires

tempo f650 plus tempo f650 pro suono f650 plus aria f1000 plus nota f1200 plus

tono f2000 plus nota F1200 XL    
Pebble-convex luminaires

tempo pc650 plus tempo pc650 pro suono pc650 plus tono pc2000 plus nota PC1200 XL
Double-condenser optics profiles

suono 10/28 plus suono 20/40 plus nota 8/22 plus nota 18/36 plus nota 30/55 plus

tono 8/22 plus tono 18/36 plus tono 30/55 plus   
Discharge followspots

canto 575msd/msr MK2 230V canto 575msd/msr MK2 120V canto 575msd/msr MK2 250V canto 700msd/msr MK2 230V canto 700msd/msr MK2 120V

canto 1200msd/msr MK2 230V canto 1200msd/msr MK2 120V    
TH followspots

canto 1200th MK2 canto 1000th MK2 120V canto 2000th MK2   
Discharge followspots, electronic ballast

canto 1200 msr FF MK2 120V canto 1200 msr FF mk2 230V canto 1500msr FF mk2 230V canto 1500msr FF mk2 120V canto 2000msr FF mk2
Asymmetrical floods

rima a500f rima a500f pro inno a1000   
Long-throw discharge followspots

tango 2000msr FF mk2 180/260V tango1500msr FF mk2 90/260V tango1200msr FF mk2 90/260V   
Symmetrical floods

rima s500f rima s500f pro inno s1000   
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